Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Friday, December 16, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is getting Christmas Cards.  I love to check the mailbox everyday.  This is our card this year and I love it.  I order my cards from a lady my friend told me about last year and she does a great job! Her website is She does a great job on birthday invitations also. 



Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's the most Wonderful Time of the Year ---

Tis the Season

To Enjoy all the Events

Christmas' Parades, Church Program, Finding Elf on the shelf everyday, visits with Santa. school events, and much more.....

2011 Wrens Christmas Parade
Every year we meet the Dowdy Family for a Fun afternoon at the Wrens Christmas Parade.

Abby (7), Mary Dalton (7), Mallie (5), and Jackson (5 - almost 6)
It is so hard to believe our babies are growing up.  I can remember us doing this when they were 3 and 1 in age and we could dress them up so cute and now they have their taste in fashion (mainly Justice). 

The girls waiting for the parade to start (it was running about a hour behind). 

Kaden playing around with Abby.

The kids waiting to pick up some candy.  Poor Mary Dalton had hurt her leg and did not get to enjoy picking up the candy but the kids picked her some up and gave it to her.  They can be so sweet sometimes!
This was in the parade!  What do you think?  Does this say Merry Christmas?

My little Kaden Bug enjoying the parade and the candy.

This is how I say Merry Christmas not that car!

Our Church Christmas Program

Kaden was a little cow, but as you can tell he is not happy about it.
Michelle Rabun made all the costumes and they were all so cute. She is so creative! 
Check out her website at to see how creative she is.

The Diva Sheep in the program.

Mallie looked so cute!

Cookies with Santa at School

Kaden giving Santa a high five.

This is a miracle to get this picture.  This is the first time Kaden has sat with Santa without crying.  I really had to do some sweet talk.

So Cute!!

So Sweet!

Some of Billy Bob (Elf on the Shelf) places to hid

Billy Bob decorated Abby's dresser with toilet paper.

Billy Bob hanging around in the bathroom on the mirror.

K-5 PJ's day

Mallie and her class dressed in their pj's.  They had so much fun making cookies and watching Polar Express with their big buddies.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 3 and Day 4 --- Billy Bob's Hiding Places (Elf on the Shelf)

Day 3

Billy Bob is cheering for the Dawgs in the game. 

Day 4

We found him in the freezer eating a popsicle.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Elf on the Shelf (Billy Bob)

On December 1st., Billy Bob (elf on the shelf) arrived at the Sims' House.  The kids were so excited to find him on Thursday morning.  They look forward to this every year and I loved to watch the excitement in their eyes every morning looking for him. 

Elf on the Shelf always seems to hide in the Christmas Tree his first night at the Sims' Household.
Day 2 --- doing a little gymnastics

Thanksgiving Break / Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving Break!  We started the break with Disney on Ice (Disney 100 years) and yes, Disney did a great job again.  We really enjoyed sleeping late and hang around the house on the break.  Mallie had a great time at her little friend's Bree's birthday party.  Bree's parents took four little girls to Chuckie Cheese for the day and they had the best time.  We enjoyed Thanksgiving lunch at Granny Sandra's house on Thursday. I really enjoyed my Black Friday shopping trip and we enjoyed watching Georgia beat Georgia Tech on Saturday.  We ended the weekend with another Thanksgiving lunch at Gee and Papa's on Sunday.  It was a great week!

Waiting on Disney on Ice to start. Kaden would not get in the picture but he did get to go.

The show has started.

Great Show!

I love to watch them skate!

It's a Small World!

My Little Turkey!

My other Turkeys --- they were not into taking pictures on this day. 

* More Pictures to come from Thanksgiving

Friday, November 18, 2011

K-5 Indian Pow Wow

Mallie's K-5 class had a Thanksgiving Pow Wow today to celebrate Thanksgivings.  Her teacher "Miss" Sharon make this so fun for the kids in K-5 every year.  They make outfits for the kids, paint their faces, make Indian jewelry, and set tents up outside to spend the whole day.  The kids have a blast!!!

Mallie and Bree all dressed up!

Mallie getting her face painted.

Two cute little Indians (Mallie and Jek)

Outside in the tents

The K-5 class dressed up as little Indians.

November ---- is flying by!!!

November --- goodness time is flying.  We have enjoyed sitting by the fire pit, watching the leaves change colors (so pretty this year), gymnastic performances, school field trips and much more this November.  I can't believe Christmas is only five weeks away.  The girls are dieing to put the Christmas tree up so I guess that is our plans for the weekend and also on Sunday we are going to Disney on Ice.  We love a live Disney Show.  We are looking forward to a week long Thanksgiving Break!

The girls roasting marshmallows.
The girls making a left pile to jump into.
They decided it was to much work! 

Mallie's Gym class performing.

Abby's gym team performing.

Mallie and Brooke with a chacter at the play we went to see on field trip. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 -- Santa Visit at Michael O'Bryne Photography

We went to sit and visit with Santa on November 5 with our photographer (my children have had their Santa pictures here every year since they were born).  Kaden did not like him again this year.  He cried the whole time but the girls got to give him their Christmas List and visit.  Here is a short video of the visit  and to view the pictures from the visit go to and go to online order and type in the password ---  sims2. 

Halloween 2011

The kids really enjoyed celebrating Halloween this year.  On Halloween Eve we had a little Halloween Party at our House and the kids had a blast!  On Halloween, Kaden was not feeling up to par so he had to go to the doctor and he had an ear infection so he was not up to trick or treating or getting his picture made in in GA Bulldog outfit.  We enjoyed a great supper at Papa and Gee's and enjoyed trick or treating with some friends.

Mallie and her friends at the Halloween Party.

Abby and Anna at the Halloween Party.

The kids had a blast on this slide.

OH NO,  I have corn in my pants.
The girls are ready for the hayride.

Halloween at school. (K5 girls with their Big Buddies)

Trick or Treating with friends.

This is all you get from Kaden Halloween Costume.  He was not feeling well and did not want his picture taken.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kackleberry Farm with the Church!

The church took the kids to Kackleberry on a Sunday afternoon and the kids had a blast!  There is so much to do at Kackleberry but we have only been on a weekday for school field trips and they do not have everything open.  On the weekend, they have the cow train, pony rides, pig races, laser tag, gem mining, and much more.  We really enjoyed our Sunday afternoon at the farm.  

Kaden riding the Hayride
Abby, Mallie, and Ryder watching the pig races

Abby mining for Gems

Mallie on the pony ride.

Kaden riding the cow train.

Kaden riding the pony (that is the lady that was working the pony rides)