Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Monday, September 24, 2012

It has been a big day at the Sims' House......

When I picked Kaden up from school today he was one happy little boy.  He had been chosen to sit in the Super Hero Chair.  The child that has the best behavior for the day gets in the Super Hero Chair.  He has been in school three weeks and he finally made it to the Super Hero Chair.  It was a big thing for him! He could not wait to tell his daddy, Abby, and Mallie and yes, that is the first thing he told them when he saw them.  Also, Abby learned to ride a bike today.  My girls have never had an interested in bike so I told my parents if they ever saw a old bike at a sale to get it for the girls to learn. They find one this weekend for $10.00 and Abby learned to ride it in one try.  Mallie is still working on it.  I think all kids need to know how to ride a bike.  
My little Super Hero!
Abby riding the bike.

1st Day of Fall and Our Weekend............

On the first day of Fall, we enjoyed swimming at Granny's (I know this would be our last chance to swim this year ---because a cool front was coming through) and we enjoyed a little GA football on Saturday night.  On Sunday, the kids and I headed to the mall to look for some jeans for the cooler weather and enjoyed a movie that afternoon Nemo in 3D.  It was a great fall weekend!

Our last swim for the year.
GA beat Vanderbilt 48-3---- GO Dawgs......
Enjoying sweet teats at the mall. 
Ready to watch Nemo in 3D!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Catching Up.............. Again

We have been so busy, so thought I better catch up before another month sneaks up on us.  Kaden is loving school!  He was suppose to only go two day a week and we have already started him going  three days a week.  We have been busy with school, gymnastics, our pumpkin patch Mallie losing her third tooth, gym competition, Jr. Pro cheerleading, and GA Football.  We have a lot of plans for the month of October and a very excited little boy because on Oct. 20th we have to tickets to go and ride Thomas the Train.  He talks about it everyday!
 Kaden working in the pumpkin patch.
The pumpkins are growing.
Mallie lost her 3rd tooth.
 Enjoying ice cream while waiting on Abby to finish cheerleading practice.
Abby cheering at her 1st Jr Po game.
The third grade cheerleaders--- Anna, Abby, and Raven
 Kaden feeding the horses
Abby feeding the horses.
Mallie and Bre cheering on the Jags on Friday nights.

Cool pop tarts from Wal-mart! We like to have these on Saturday mornings.
 Go Dawgs.......
 One tried sweet little boy.
Mallie loves to go shoopping with her mama. She is still holding her Clarie's bag.
 Kaden playing on his new playgroung at Preschool
This little fellow loves to ride the golf cart.

My kids love this circle at Target and I love Target.
 Flip Flops I made for the girls 1st gym meet.
 Getting ready for the meet.
Level 2
My little gymnast with her 1st medal -- she recevied five that day. 
Level 2 --- Got 1st place in the team event!
This is one tried little gymnast after a long day of competition.
Abby 2nd Jr. Pro game.
Abby loves cheering these little boys on. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kaden's 1st day of School!

Kaden started preschool on Tuesday at Louisville Methodist  Church.  He did so good and was so excited!  This made me so sad because it means my baby is growing up!   He had a great first day with "Miss" Kim and "Miss Kelly!
He was ready!
Walking into school

"Miss" Kim and Kaden
Kaden and Lane

Labor Day weekend!

We did not have any plan for Labor Day weekend so we just enjoyed being at home and watching college football.  We love college football season!  We bleed red and black and was so excited to find out GA was playing on TV because it was to hot to go to the game.  So that is what we did watched football all day Saturday, went to church on Sunday and had a wonderful supper (doves, country ham, and grits) at my mother in laws house Sunday night.  On Monday, I decide I would take the kids to Augusta to Chuck - E - Cheese for the afternoon.  It was a fun weekend!!
It is Saturday in Athens!
We spent the afternoon with Chuck-E-Cheese!
Enjoying the ride

Riding the horse
 Abby said "mama we can't go to Augusta without going to Tuttie Fruttie!"
So we did!

Open House at Kaden's Preschool

Last Thursday, Kaden had open house at his new little Preschool.  He will be going two days a week to the Louisville Methodist Church Preschool from 8 to 12.  He was so excited to visit his new school.
I am ready to visit my new school.
Kaden and his little friend Eli
Open house made Kaden very excited about going to school.
His first day is September 4, 20012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Catching Up......................................

We have been busy as usually.  The girls are really enjoying school.  Mallie is learning to read and Abby is reading trying to get lots of AR points (she is doing a good job).   We have been watching and watering the pumpkin patch and can't wait until October to see how many pumpkins we get.  We are busy as ever, Monday is the only night we are home all together.  On Tuesday and Thursday the girls have gymnastic and Wednesday is cheerleading for Abby after school and children's group at church.  We celebrated my birthday and Brian's birthday in August and the kids always love birthdays.  The kids and I went on a last beach trip to Hilton Head the last weekend in August.  It was so nice. The weather was perfect and it was not crowded at all.   We stayed at the Sonata Resort and I Love this Resort!   We will be staying there again.  

 The first book Mallie read all by herself and yes she was proud!
The pumpkins are growing .....
Kaden and I are ready to head to church.
 Brian's little birthday cake from the kids.
Kaden working on the pumpkins in his underwear. 
Just having fun!!!
The kids at the Sonata Resort!
 Abby and I
 Mallie, Mama, and Kaden
Surfing in the pool!
Waiting on lunch at the pool. 
 Mallie relaxing
 Abby and Kaden playing in the sand
Gymnastics on the beach
 Good Job Mallie!
Enjoying ice cream at the Frozen MOO
I like blue ice cream --- Can you tell????? 
Enjoying the beach!