Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Life for the past week and 1/2 ........

I have two children with the flu.  Mallie has been running fever for nine straight days and Kaden has been running fever for 4 days. We have made 3 trips to the Doctor in one week and about 10 trips to the pharmacy and spent about $300.00 in medicine and this equals one tried mama. 
 Medicine for the week  --- this has been on my bar in the kitchen for one week and 1/2.

Sick little boy --- not sure why the picture turned this way. 
Sick little girl--- poor Mallie. 
It has been a long week and half at the Sims' household.  Please say a little prayer for our little family. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching up ...... in November!

Well it has been a busy November, the girls had a gym meet in Atlanta and the gym was only 17 miles from the American Girl store so we surprised them with a little trip to the store.  They were so excited. The girls did a great job at the gym meet.  Sorry I do not get to take many pictures, so I am posting the only ones I have.  We  have been busy decorating and getting ready for Christmas.  Mallie lost one of her top teeth and she was excited the teeth fairy left her $13.00.  Abby has been busy making her Christmas list and waiting for Elf on the Shelf to arrive (he comes on Dec. 1st).  We had a nice Thanksgiving all except Mallie coming down with the flu and now Kaden has it please pray for Brian and I-- we are tried. 
They were so excited to get to go the American Girl Store!
(Nov. 12th)

My girls and lots of other little girls waiting to get in the American Girl Store.

Abby at warm-up
Mallie and Lizzy 

 Mallie won four medals!
Christmas Tree in the Dinning Room

Snowman tree in the breakfast area

The girls and I loved the play at the Bartow Community Center
The Christmas Bus--- very cute!!!
 All Mallie wants for Christmas is a front tooth-- ha ha!
This means she is growing up and makes me so said.
 Abby's letter to Elf on the Shelf
We had a Great Thanksgiving lunch at Gee and Papa's house.
MiMi's (Brian's grandmother) 95th birthday party and
Thanksgiving at Granny Sandra's house on Sunday.
Mallie and I did not get to go because I had to take her back to the doctor.
Sick little girl.
Mallie has been running a fever for seven days.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Our Week

On Sunday, after church I decided to try to take some Fall pictures of the kids.  Mallie does really good when I ask her to do something like that but the other two they do not like to corporate at times.
We are still busy almost every night of the week.  They girls are practicing gymnastics every Tuesday and Thursday and  on Wednesday we have children's group at church and there always seems like something on Friday night (football game) and every weekend. 

Here are a few our Fall pictures:


Yes, I voted on Tuesday and was not happy with the results, but I did my part.

Book Fair was at school this week and I told my kids they could have 10.00 to go one day.  When we got up on Tuesday morning the kids had these notes and money from their daddy.
The girls had 25.00 each to spend and Kaden had 10.00 to go and buy a new toy (like we need another toy in our house).  Yes, they have their daddy wrapped around their finger. 
These are Kaden school pictures.  They are so cute!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Things I forgot to post about ---4th trip to kackleberry, art projects at school, class projects, gymnastic performances

We have been so busy lately that I forgot to post about somethings the kids have been doing. 
I enjoyed my 4th trip to Kackleberry with Abby's 3rd grade class.
Abby riding the zip line.

Abby and the girls in her class enjoying lunch.

Abby's painting from Art class at school.
Mallie's painting from Art class at school.

Mallie's fall project for 1st grade. They had to decorated a pumpkin. We made hers an apple.

Gymnastic Performs in Twin City

Halloween 2012

The kids had a blast this Halloween.  They start with Halloween parties at school and that night we went to Wrens (to my parents) trick or treating and a Halloween party at the Davis' house.
It was so much fun.  I better enjoyed this now because Abby is acting like she is getting to old to dress up and stuff anymore.  Today at school, she would not dress up for school.  I do not like my babies growing up so fast. 
Thomas the Train, Abby the pirate, and Mallie the Gypsy

Enjoyed running into some friend while trick or treating.

My little Gypsy---I loved her little costume and got it at Wal-mart.

Ms Amy and Ms Laura had the best decorated yard for this fun night.

 Enjoyed trick or treating a friends house.

Enjoying friends at a Halloween Party after Trick or Treating.
Trey, Raven, Abby, Kaden, and Mallie

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Busy Weekend (Oct. 26, 27,28 ) Playdate, Spiers Festival, Hallowen Parties and Disney on Ice

On Fridays, when the TJA has a home football game I usually let the girls invited a friend over for a playdate. They really have a great time with their friends on an afternoon playdate.  Then we head to the football game.  On Saturday morning, we went to the little local festival in Bartow, GA.  It is called the Spires Festival and it lots of fun for the kids.  There are games, good food, a little shopping, a small parade and entertainment (they watched their friends dance).  It was not the best day for me because I lost a diamond out of my ring and could not find it but I just told myself it could be worse (I think about how lucky I am right now, because I have a friend who has just found out she has cancer in her liver and bones).  So, losing a diamond is nothing to that.  Please say a prayer for Angie and her family as they fight this battle.  That night we went to a Halloween party at a little boy's house that is in Kaden's class at school and the kids had a Blast! On Sunday, the children and I headed to Augusta to enjoy Disney on Ice!  Yes, I had one excited little boy because Lighting McQueen was going to be on Ice.  Disney did it again and it was a GREAT show!!!!
Playdate with Brooke and Olivia A.
 Enjoying a Funnel Cake at the Festival!
Love this little picture of Jackson and Mallie.
Sweet Friends!
After the festival Kaden went home with the Morris Girls to spend the afternoon.
I would also like to thank the whole Morris Family for helping look for my diamond that afternoon.
 Halloween Party at the Ware's home.  The kids had a great time.
Addison and Mallie at the Halloween Party!
If you know me you know I am a big fan of Disney!
They do a great job on everything they do!
 Ready to see Lighting McQueen.
Ready for the show and eating a 12.00 snowcone.

It was a great show!