Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Weekend!

It was a very rainy weekend.  Friday night, we enjoyed just a night at home with a little supper from Lewis Lake (I do not like to cook on the weekends).  Saturday, the kids played outside until the rain started and when it started it started.  Saturday night, Brian and I went to the school fund raiser (TJA auction) while the kids stayed with Aunt Paula.  On Sunday, it was still raining so the girls and I headed to Augusta for a movie and a little shopping at Target.  We went to see Gnomeo and Juliet and it was so cute --- Great Kids Movie!

Ready for the movie!

This is what my yard looked like on Sunday morning.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Some events this week!

My azalea is blooming.

Abby is ready for Gymnatics

Kaden enjoying riding in the tractor with his daddy!

The girls love to ride to Granny's for a visit everyday.

The ferns are hung. (I love to see how big I can grow them every year)

Girls just being silly!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kaden (cute memory)

Tuesday morning I was working on some work for Brian and I thought Kaden was watching TV in the back then I heard him come running down the hall and this is what he looked like...........

he drew him some tattoos on his face, hand, and arm ---- he was proud of his work

Relaxing weekend (March 18-20)

It was a nice weekend to relax and enjoy the sunshine.  Saturday was beautiful, the girls begged to go swimming and their daddy promised them he would take them.  They went -- but did not swim very long because the water was so COLD.  Kaden did not care how cold it was he enjoyed playing on the steps with his little feet in.  Saturday night the girls enjoyed going outside and looking at the Supper Moon --it was neat to see and Sunday we went to church them came home for a relaxing day and enjoyed grilling hamburger for super. It was a great weekend!

Photos of the kids enjoying the COLD pool!

Supper Moon

The girls looking at the Supper Moon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a Fun Weekend and Week!

I know it has been a while since I have posted but we have been very busy. We had a great weekend! We started the weekend with a fun swimming birthday party at the Family Y, after the party we meet my parent and my brother (he flew in on Saturday) for a great supper at T'S restaurant. Sunday we had lunch at my parents house with family and friends and we had supper at Lewis Lake with family and friends! Yes, we love to eat! My children have really enjoyed having my brother here. Clete flew in on Saturday and will be leaving tomorrow (Friday). We have been very busy this week with Gymnastics, trips to Wrens to spend time with Clete (we don't get to see him much) and school. Today is my daddy's birthday (March 17) but we celebrated his birthday last night because Abby had gymnastics tonight. The girls love to throw a birthday party. We grilled hotdogs and had Strawberry Cake for Papa's birthday. It was so much Fun!!!

Happy Birthday Maggie!! We had a great time at your party!!

Mallie and Shelby swimming at the party!

Kid just want have FUN!
All the chilldren at Maggie's party! 
Clete and my parents

Grilling hotdogs for the party!

Getting ready for papa's party!

Happy 66 Birthday Papa!

I friend tagged me on facebook with this picture of Mallie and I wanted to post it because I thought it was so cute!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This week (Wed., Thurs, and Fri.) the girls have been getting out of school at 12:00 because it is the end of the nine weeks and the big kids are taking test.  Friday, we went to my parents house for the afternoon and if you know my daddy you know he will do anything they want.  They wanted to go outside and so he took them and here are some of the activities Abby came up with for the afternoon.  They put up some new birds houses, worked in the flower beds, went for a little ride in the wagon and drew pictures on wood to sale.  They love my daddy and his the best papa in the world (just ask my three)!!! LOL

The wagon ride.
Kaden loved this!
Abby is a great big sister helping Kaden out of the wagon.
Working on their drawings.  (For Sale $1)
Kaden was into something!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It has been a Fast Week!

This week has been a fast week, it feels like it should be Tuesday and it is already Thursday.  This week Kaden got a hair (always an adventure -- he HATES a hair cut), the girls have been getting out of school at 12:00 because of exam week, Brian has been working late this week and we have been trying to do a little Spring Cleaning.  I decided last night that Abby and Mallie were old enough to start helping a little.  Abby vacuumed all the bedrooms and Mallie dust busted under the beds and in the concers.  Abby is always wanting to know when she is going to get paid for doing chores and yes, I told her I paid her everyday by providing food, clothes, and etc...   (she did not like that answer)!  LOL  
We are looking foward to to the weekend.  On Saturday, we have a Birthday Party to attend (indoor swimming party) and my brother is flying in on Saturday also, to stay for about a week.   
Here are few pictures from the week:

Abby vacuuming
Kaden playing with Max
Mallie playing and singing

Monday, March 7, 2011

Slumber Party!

Abby wanted to have a slumber party this year for her birthday. On, Friday she had 6 little girls come home with her from school for a slumber party (total of 8 girls counting my two).  They had a Blast!  They played outside, played the wii, played games (they love twister), danced, painted fingernails and toenails, and just had tons of fun!  I was so proud because all the girls stayed the whole night except one (had take her home around 3:00 a.m.).  It was lots of fun but boy were we tired on Saturday afternoon, we all took a three hour nap on Saturday afternoon! 

Enjoy the Photo's from the Party!