Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy Time of Year!

I know it has been a long time since I have posted a post but this is very busy time of year with school starting back, gymnastics, birthday parties, homework, etc....
The girls have really enjoyed school so far this school year. They are waking up every morning by an alarm clock and getting themselves ready so all I have to do is their and hair and pack snack and lunch bags.  Mallie goes to gymnastics every Monday  from 5:05 to 6:20 and she is in the Busy Bee class.  Abby has gymnastics every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45 to 5:45 she is on the competitive team in Level 2 --- her first gym meet is in September in Savannah.  Last weekend, we went to two birthday parties and this weekend we celebrated Brian's 40th birthday at Coleman's Lake.  It has been a great start to a new School Year, but Kaden Bug really misses his sisters while they are at school. 

The girls had to have a feather lock in their hair --it was the going thing at school. 

Mallie with her feather lock!

Abby with her feather lock!

The girls painting at Mary Dalton's Art Birthday Party.  It was a very cute party (MD's mother has the best birthday party ideas).  The party's theme was an owl and all the guest got to paint an owl on a canvas.  Michelle Rabun from Mbellish It was the artist teaching the children how to paint their own unique owls. 

The girls canvas paintings!  So cute!

The guest from the birthday party with their masterpieces. 

The kids are singing to Brian! 

The girls are ready to blow out the candles!

Brian's 40th Birthday Cake

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School --- Aug. 9th --- 2011/ 2012 School Year

Today was the first day of school for the girls.  Abby is in the second grade and Mallie is in K-5.  They both had a great day!

Ready to go!

I am in K-5

Ready for 2nd grade

Abby in her desk--- she is not happy I was taking pictures this morning.

They love their new rolling bookbags!

Walking into school

Mallie and "Miss" Sharon  (K-5 teacher0

Mallie and "Miss" Amanda (K-5 teacher)

Mallie and her friends

Mallie and her friends --  (been together K-3, K-4, and K-5)

Livi, Jackson, and Mallie ready for K-5

Hilton Head Island --- A fun trip to the Beach before school starts.

We decide to spend our last weekend before school  at Hilton Head. The kids were so excited about going to the beach.  We left Friday around noon and came home Sunday night.  We missed open house at school Friday night but that was ok with everyone.  We had a great weekend laying on the beach, swimming, shopping, and going out for eat.  We ate at our three favorite place at HHI --- The Crazy Crab, Outback,  Streamers.  It was a great weekend --- A great ending to a Great Summer!

Our View  --- a great relaxing place!

Having fun at the beach!

Kaden loved the beach!

Kaden loves his sister Abby!

Kaden jumping waves!

Jumping waves!

Kaden cooling off!

The girls!

Mallie Me having a ball in the ocean!

Abby and Kaden playing in the pool-- she is so sweet to him!

Taking a dip!

Taking a rest!

We found the Unruh at HHI.  (Macy and Mallie)

Kevin and Abby had a blast playing together at the beach.

Water Slide on the beach---kids activities hosted by the hotel.

Painting a piggy bank at the hotel at the kids activities tent. 

I did not want my picture taken!

Kaden on the balcony.

Not a good picture ---  but a cute swimsuit!


Mallie said that surfing is hard work.

Abby and her surfing board!

Last full week of Summer Break before School!

We did not have much planed for the last full week before school.  The girls attended Bible School at the Wadely UMC Sunday- Wednesday, made pottery (they got these kits for Christmas and I have put this project off), the girls had a friend (Maggie) spend the night one night, the kids got haircuts and we registered for Gymnastics for the year. 

Making pottery

It is very messy!

Mallie loved this

Ready for Bible School!

Mallie, Maggie, and Abby

End of the Bible School prgram

Water slide at Bible school on the last night --- that is Abby coming down.

The girls swimming!