Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Haunted Hayride -- LOL

The Haunted Hayride --- at The Graystone Ranch
Last month, Groupon had a special ~ Haunted Hayrides at a local place, about 30 mins from here. Amber is my "go" friend ~ if I want to go, she will go with me! We have taken these kids EVERYWHERE over the past 9 years ~ Disney on Ice, Disney Cruises, water parks, concerts, festivals,beach, name it...we have probably done it.  Well, last take took the cake! We will NEVER forget it!!!
We started off our fun by dinner at Peggy's in Wrens!
My friend Amber blogs too and I got my pictures and description of the hayride from her blog because she described it to a tee.
When we arrived at our "destination" a young girl probably about 14-16 ran...RAN....up to me and instructed me that I had to sign everyone in. We went in this trailer that was literally falling in...and were in the cafe. Thank HEAVENS we ate before we came. I noticed that the girl was had dirt everywhere...even in her cleavage....thought that was odd...we almost left...but we stick it out...

from the cafe, we entered the gift shop, which was my personal favorite part of the whole trip...I have NEVER EVER EVER seen such a could buy anything from Indian artifacts, to Easter bunnies, to bikinis, to a gator head...Made Dollar Tree (which I LOVE) look like the Ritz!!! If the kids did not ASK to BUY know it was BAD! 
Mugs ~ you got some free dust with those! Lovely selection of necklaces...
Gator Time!!!
Need a suit or swimming supplies in the fall or winter? Head here! They have EVERY season covered...and then some!

Ground hogs even!!!! 
We had a good Laugh that night. 
We will never forget this night!

K-4 Field Trip to EGC Planetarium

The K4 class enjoyed a fun field to East GA College Planetarium and lunch at McDonald's.
Photo: TJA K-4 Field Trip EGC Planetarium ~Eventful to say the least!

Fall Pictures!

Here are a few fall pictures I took of the kids.
Fall 2013



Annual Louisville Lions Club Fair (10-9-13)

My kids love the annual Louisville Lions Club Fair.  It is small but the kids love it because their friends are there from school. 

It was fun night for all the kids.
Photo: I Love This Face! Everytime he sees me this is what does!