Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jr. Jag Cheerleader cheer at halftime at the Football Game!

The Jr. Jag cheerleader cheered at halftime of the Varsity Football Game (Oct. 7).  The girls enjoyed showing off the new cheers and dances they have learned.  It was a fun night!!!

Mallie with her friends

Mallie's group cheering
Abby's group cheering.

Mallie with her friends!

Mallie with her Big Buddy Katy!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gymnatics Performance

Last Thursday, the girls had a gymnatics performance at the Primary School in Swainsboro.  Abby's Gymnastics's team performed and then Mallie's Busy Bee class performed.   Both groups did a great job!

Team lining up to perform!

Abby is in the middle.

Mallie, Abby, and Maggie watching DDG perforamances.

 Mallie ready to perform!
Busy Bee Class and Coach Dawn ready to perform.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October has been a busy Month!

We have had a very busy month in October, it seems like we have had something everyday to do.  I have a lot of new post for my blog but it might take a little time because the photos are loading so slow these days.  We have been cheerleading, gymnastics's performance, field trips, and much more this week. We are looking forward to the fair, the fall festival at school, and another field trip to the farm with Mallie's  K-5 class.  This past Saturday the kids had their pictures taken and I was not to please with them, but I am not going to post them because I hope to use some of them for my Christmas Cards (we will see), but I did want to post this one of Kaden because I think it is so cute!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Kackleberry Farm (Abby's first 2nd grade field trip)

Last Monday, Abby's 2nd grade class visited Kackelberry Farm.  The kids had a ball!  It is so neat that we have something like this right here at home.  Kaden and I went with Abby and he had the best time.  We will be going again on Wednesday of this week with Mallie's K-5 class. 

Hay Ride to the Farm

Learning about baby alligators!

Story Time at the Farm

Kaden playing on the School Bus

Kaden is loving this field trip!

Kaden looking at the bunnies.

Kaden wanted to be a Pig.

Abby's 2nd Grade Class waiting to go through the corn maze.

Kaden playing in the Corn Box.

He loved it!

The big jumping pillow.

Kaden on the jumping pillow.

Abby riding the tube (not sure what it is)!

Abby riding the bull!

Abby at the Duck Race!

Abby and Anna

Kaden is back in the corn box! 

Abby and Anna with the pony!

Abby and her friend Raven.

Abby and Kaden playing with the animals!

Kaden on this cute pigs!

We had a GREAT Day on the Farm!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last weekend, we spent the weekend in Athens.  We left Friday afternoon and headed that way and enjoyed a great supper at the Outback (our favorite) and then went to the hotel.  Saturday, we got up really early and started our day at Downtown Athens.  We enjoyed shopping at the UGA bookstore, a few stores down town and ate lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries before heading to the Game!  It was a GREAT Day to be a GA Bulldogs! 

The girls under the Archs

Mallie with her new glow up glasses --- she has been wanting these silly things and she found them at the bookstore.

Waiting on the bus to go to the stadium.

It's Saturday in Athens

Mallie enjoying cotton candy

Abby watching the game!

Our Little Family  --- Kaden stayed with Gee and Papa and Bren and Uncle Fay

The girls with the painted bulldog downtown!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcoming FALL!

We are loving this cooler weather and all the pumpkins everywhere.   Brian has really enjoyed working with peanuts this fall and I have enjoyed eating them.  He has spent two full weekend picking, cleaning, and cooking some good boil peanuts.

Kaden checking out the pumpkins!

Kaden counting the pumpkins

Hard work but good eating!