Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friends Forever!

On Thursday, the girls got to invited one friend each over for the day.  Mallie invited Shelby and Abby invited Anna.  They had a great day swimming, playing dress up, dancing, riding the golf cart and much more. The had the best time and they even let little brother play too. 

Shelby and Mallie

Anna and Abby

Shelby and Mallie swimming

Fun Times!

Playing train on the slide

I love the look on their faces!

So Sweet!

The girls are having a blast!

Friends Forever!

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Great "last" Weekend at the Lake.

Last weekend was our last weekend at the lake for the summer.  We left our camper at the lake (Little River campground-- Lake Sinclair) for two months and so last weekend was our last weekend.  The kids and I went up on Thursday and stayed until Sunday and Brian came on Saturday afternoon after work. Thursday we went to the movie to see "ZOO KEEPER" super cute movie!   We had a nice surprise on Saturday, Bren and Uncle Fay came and spent the weekend with us at the lake and the kids were in hog heaven.  It is hard to believe school starts in one week and summer vaction is coming to an end. 

Super Cute Movie!

Mallie playing on the play area.

Kaden playing with his cars

Abby leaving the beach area

Bren and Kaden playing race cars
 Bren and the kids on a boat ride.
"Miss" Hollywood

Abby and Kaden playing in the lake after parking on a sand bar.

Kids just want to have Fun!

Kaden climbing in the boat!

Kaden sporting daddy's hat!

Loving the boat ride

Abby, Mallie , and Mr. McCoy swimming with his dog.
(This was a friend of Papa Buddy's and we rode up on him while on a boat ride)

Abby, Mallie, Kaden, and mama tubbing!  Kaden first ride in the tube and he loved it!

Abby relaxing

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lemonade Stand

The girls have been begging to have a Lemonade Stand all summer so I promised them we would have one before they went back to school.   I told them we would have to have one at my parents house because we would not have any business at our house because we live so far out in the country.  It was a HOT day (99 degrees) to have a lemonade stand , but we did it and they were happy.   

Ready to sell some Lemonade!

The girls at work--- papa was the first to buy some lemonade!

Kaden wanted  some lemonade and they even made him pay for his Lemonade.

It is HOT!

Abby working on getting a cup of lemonade

Gee brought her on cup to the lemonade stand so Abby filled it up!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Weekend at Home --- enjoying the pool!

We had a great weekend at Home!  We decided not to got to the lake this weekend and enjoy sometime at home.  I went to Augusta on Saturday (right by myself and it was so nice) while the kids spent sometime with Gee and Papa.  On Sunday, we spent most of the day in the pool and Uncle Fay and Bren came to visit that afternoon and brought a watermelon for everyone to enjoy. 

Abby and Kaden having fun in the pool. 

Mallie loves to swim.

Abby swimming

Uncle Fay cutting the watermelon.

Waiting for some watermelon

Kaden was not sure about it!

Trying to like it!

Mallie also said no thanks to the watermelon!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Came this Week!

Abby lost two teeth this week.  The tooth fairy made a visit and left her $10.00.  She got two fives one for each tooth.  On Wednesday, Abby went and spent the day and the night with her little friend  Anna Evans --she had a great time.  On Thursday and Friday we got some rain and we were so thankful.  The girls wanted to play in the rain and so I let them. 

Abby trying to show where she lost her two teeth.

Abby's teeth

Look what the tooth fairy brought!  (five dollars for each tooth)

My little  Buzz Lightyear

Mallie playing in the rain.

Abby playing in the rain!

We were so happy to get some rain -- we danced in it!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Weekend!

The kids and I headed to the lake Thursday afternoon for a long weekend.  Brian was working so he came on Friday after work.  Thursday night, we went to see the movie CARS2.  Kaden loves CARS -- he is always holding a little Lighting McQueen in his hand.  He was so excited when the movie started.  It was a cute movie but a little long and it was not near as good as the first one, but he enjoyed watching it. Friday, we enjoyed just relaxing and swimming.  On Saturday and Sunday, we enjoyed riding in the boat and tubing. We bought the girls a new tube to ride in and they loved it.  We had a nice weekend but  I have about four mountains of laundry to do now --- not fun. 

Abby and Mallie ready to watch CARS2!

Kaden looking at the CARS2 poster before the movie.

Kaden watching CARS2. 

Kaden playing at the park at the campesite.

Mallie playing at the park

Abby and Mallie playing at the park.

Kaden --- not sure what he is thinking.

The girls wanted to buy these hats today and the only reason I said yes was because they were 50 percent off. 

The girls tubing!

Girls having Fun!