Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mallie Lost her 1st tooth today!

Mallie lost her 1st tooth today (9-24-11) and it scared her to death, but she is happy now because she knows the tooth fairly will be coming tonight.  Abby has explained everything to her and she love some money!

Mallie trying to show off her lose tooth!

You can see it a little better!

It is gone!

Grand Opening at Double Dose Gymnatics

Today was the Grand Opening at the new gym and they asked the Team to preform for the Grand Opening.  
The girls did a great job performing and they also enjoyed watching their coach's perform also. 

The "New" Gym






Coach Dawn talking to the girls


Team, Coach Dawn, and Coach Dedra

They did a great job today!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Football Friday Night!

It is Friday again and the girls are so excited about going to school because it is Pep Rally day. 
TJA has a home football game tonight and I have promised the girls I would take them.

Dressed for school and the pep rally!

Not happy about having to get their picture taken so early in the morning.

Abby drew a picture of the football game tonight. Jordan #15 is her cousin and she thinks he is so cool.

Kaden is behind the Jags!

This is what you get when you try to take a picture of all three together.
We were on the way to the football game.

A little bit better but Kaden is still not happy about getting his picture taken.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Abby's 1st Gymnastic Competition

Abby had her 1st Gymnastic Competition this weekend in Savannah.  We left on Friday and spent the night in Savannah because she had to be at competition dress and ready by 7:45.  She was very nervous and her mother was nervous too!  She did great!  She received five medals and she was a happy little girl!  Our next Competition is in January.  She will have a competition once a month January - May! 

Abby and Mrs. Crystal  ---- she was our hair dresser!

Very Nervous!  Not sure what to expect!

Abby and Coach Dedra ready for the bar routine!

Bar Routine

Bar Routine

Abby on balance beam

Floor Routine

The start of her Hand Stand

Floor Routine

Double Dose Gymnastics's ---  Level 2 --team award  (2nd place --I think)

Abby with her Medals!

It has been a long time --- So it is time to catch up!

It is Football Season and the girls love it!  Every Friday, the girls get all dressed up in there TJA attire!  They look so forward to the pep rallies and the home football games.  We also love to watch the GA Bulldogs, so we loaded up and went to the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Celebration  (UGA vs. Boise State) the first weekend in September.  We went to Atlanta to the GA Dome and enjoyed the Fan Fare Event and then the game.  So much Fun!  I love this time of year because we spend Saturday's sitting around and cheering on the GA Dawgs and watching football all day. 

The girls ready for football Friday! 

Chick-fil-A kickoff celebration at the GA Dome!

My little GA cheerleader!

Cheering for the Dawgs!

Abby got her face painted before the game to cheer on the Dawgs!

Mallie with her face painted and her new GA necklace.

Fun for the Kids at the Fan Fare Event!

Abby in the Chick-Fil-A Prize Blaster (she has always wanted to get in one of these)!

Trying to win lots of prizes!

Mallie in the Prize Blaster!

Coach Richt at the Dawg Walk!

Football players at the Dawg Walk!

Abby climbing the rock wall at the Fan Fare!

Bulldogs at the GA Dome!

Cheering the Dawgs on!
Watching the game!

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!