Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Kaden!!!!

Happy Birthday Kaden Bennett Sims!!!  We Love You So Much!!!

For you our precious son
We send a birthday prayer
That you may know God’s love
With the unfolding of each year
And that you’ll come to know
God’s purpose and His plan
As you walk with God through life
Together hand in hand.

Kaden ( January 29, 2009)

Kaden (January 29, 2010)

Kaden (January 29, 2011)

Kaden (January 29, 2012)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year & Happy January 2012

I have not done very good with my blogging this new year, but I promise I am going to try to do better.  We have a had a fun start to this New Year!  We have enjoyed spending time at home with our little family, star of the week at school, a friend's birthday party, 100th day of school project, going to the movie, Gymdogs, gymnastic meet and much more.

We went out to eat at the Red Lobster for New Year's Eve and come home to a little rocking and rolling with the kids.

Kaden singing the night away! 

Mallie's star of the week poster.

Ready to walk into the school with her poster.  Thanks Michelle Rabun it was so cute!!

We have season tickets to the Gymdogs this year so the girls are so excited.

Waiting on the Gymdogs to compete. (UGA vs Dever)

Enjoying Jackson Birthday Party at Adventure Crossing!  My kids had a Blast!
This is a great place for a Birthday Party!  Thanks for inviting us Mrs. Amber.

 Mallie in her party hat!

Kaden loved riding this train.

 Kaden and Blake really enjoyed riding the rides at the party!

Fun Times!

After the party we went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  It was so good --- this is my favorite Disney Movie. 

After the movie we enjoyed a great treat from Tutti Frutti!  Thanks Mrs. Amber for introducing us to the place!! We are in love with it!

Mallie's 100th day project. (sorry about the picture being turned wrong)

Abby and Taylor getting ready for there 2nd Gym Competition. 

Abby did Great!!!

 We are getting over a bad stomach virus at the Sims' Home (five out of five got the virus --Yuck!!!).  We are looking forward to celebrating Kaden's 3rd Birthday this weekend!  He will be having his party with the kids at Chuck E Cheese on Friday and family party on Sunday afternoon and all he wants is a Thomas the Train Birthday Cake. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

I am so behind on blogging so I decided to just post pictures from Christmas and comment on them.  We have had a great Holiday Season and looking forward to a Happy New Year. 

Mallie and Kady --- Mallie was so excited to give Kady her Christmas gift.

Shelby, Mallie, and Brooke at there K-5 Christmas Party

Abby's 2nd grade Christmas Party --- it was pj's day also.

Billy Bob doing a split.

We had a girls night out at the movies

Abby and Gee (Gee acts like she doesn't know how to smile).

Kaden opening his gifts at Gee and Papa's house.

Mallie loved her Orbeez gift from Pam.

Kaden loved his new toys.

Abby had a Gym Performance on Dec.20th and following the Performance they had a fun Christmas Party.

Abby performing

The Team

The Lights of the South

Kaden enjoying the hay ride to see the lights.

Kaden on the Train in Candy Land at Lights of the South.

My Children really enjoyed playing on this Wooden Train. 

Abby roasting marshmallows.

Mallie roasted marshmallows.

Kaden even enjoyed roasting marshmallows.

This was what we enjoyed almost every night in the month of December.  This house was about a mile down the rode and the kids and I would get in Daddy's truck turn the Christmas Music on and sing all the way to the lights.
This was a sight to see.
They had lights every where front, side, and back yard.  We really enjoyed these lights this year.  Every night Kaden would said mama go see the Christmas lights.  Fun Times!!!!

Pre-built Gingerbread House is the best thing they have every made. 
I bought it at Ingles --- you might want to remember this next year.

The kids really enjoyed decorating the Gingerbread house and mama really enjoyed not having to build it. 

This is what they did!

Billy Bob's last night at the Sims' house

He left Reindeer food for the children to sprinkle out on the lawn.

The girls in their new Tree House.  This was a gift to the children from Brian and I.  Abby said "Daddy it is a Christmas Miracle we got a tree house".  So Sweet!

Kaden on Christmas Eve waiting to go to Granny's to open presents.

This is the best I could get of all three together. 

Acting Crazy!

Kaden is thinking about opening that Thomas present under the tree.

Kaden opening a present with Carl and Emily.

Abby opening presents at Granny's House

Mallie opening her Pink BB Gun Granny gave her.

Feeding the Reindeer

Kaden checking out the Reindeer Food on the lawn.

Ready for Bed and Ready for Santa
This is me trying again to get a good picture of all three together but guess who does not want to get in the picture.

Trying again --- Mallie said I will make him mama.

Cookies for Santa!

Kaden's gifts from Santa
Kaden's gifts from Santa

Mallie's gifts from Santa

Abby's gifts from Santa

Santa has come

Christmas Morning-- kids are so excited--- but they did sleep until 8:00.
Kaden was excited he got a Thomas the Train

The girls playing on their IPads.  They loved them! I want one now.