Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Friday, October 26, 2012

Spirt Week --- Homecoming 2012 at TJA

I can honestly say I hate this week of  school every year.  The kids are asked to dress up each day to a theme and they get harder every year.  My Abby wants to win and bless her heart her mama is not creative and she never wins.  It is a week of getting up early, finding outfits, spending extra money and stress- stress- stress.  Guess What?  she did not win again and I had help from a friend that is very creative ---  Thanks Michelle!  I guess we will try again next year!
It is homecoming week !
Theme-- Halloween

Day 1 --- Tis the Season

Mallie and Miss Jillian -- dressed in the Christmas theme

Day 2 --- Class Pick
Abby's class--PJ's day
Mallie's class--- Halloween Costume
 Mallie and her sweet little friends.
1st grade dressed up in their Halloween  Costumes.

Day 3 ----   Reality TV Star
Abby -- Extreme Couponer
Mallie - Toddlers and Tira's 

I thought we did a good job on Abby, but she did not win.
1st grade dressed as reality stars.

Day 4 ---Social Exchange
Abby- redneck
Mallie- Hype

Mallie with her friends on Social Exchange Day. 

Mallie and Anna Claire on Social
Day 5--- Spirit Day!

A cute little Jaguars!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

3rd trip to Kackleberry Farm in one week --- but this last trip is something we will never forget

Well it was my third trip to Kackleberry Farm in one week, but this last trip was a little more entertaining.  "Honey Boo Boo" and her family was there filming a new episode. I am not a fan of this show and I do not let my kids watch it, but I guess when this episode airs  I will have to let them watch it.  It was a fun day for the kids and after Kackleberry we returned to the church for supper and trick or trunk the kids had a Blast! Guess What?---I will be going to Kackelberry Farm one more time next week with Abby's class (I have had enough of the farm this year). 
Ready to go in ! My three pumpkins!

 Kaden riding the cow train.
Mallie picking out a pumpkin.

My sweet little pumpkin!

"Honey Boo Boo" and her family!  LOL

Enjoying a Funnel Cake.

Mining for Gems!

Look what we got when we went mining.

Abby Gem Mining
Watching the Pig Race!

Watching to see which pig will win!

 Ready for Trick or Trunk
 I am tried, but I guess I am ready!
It has been a long day!
 Getting some candy!
 Kaden loved Trick or Trunk!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Day with Thomas the Train Engine!

We had a great day in Cordelle, GA on Saturday at "A Day with Thomas".  Kaden was so excited when he saw Thomas for first time.  His facial expression was priceless.  The event was nice and kid friendly.  They had bounce houses, bubbles, coloring station, train tables, sand tables, and much more. It was fun day for the kids!

Thomas the Train
I see Thomas!

Welcome to the Island of Sodor.  
Loading onto the Train
Finding my seat!
It was nice to cool off in the train.
Enjoyed our ride on Thomas!
Events for the kids to enjoy before and after the train ride.
It was a Fun Day!

Friday, October 19, 2012

2 trips to Kackleberry Farm this week and one to go!

Today, Mallie's First Grade class had a field trip to Kackleberry Farm.  Mallie wanted me to go so Kaden and I enjoyed our day at the farm with the first grade.  Kaden loves being around other children he does not care if they are 2 or 8 he will play with them.  Mallie has the sweetest teacher.  Miss Jillian play with them and everyone had a great time.  These children do not know how lucky they are to have such a fun and sweet teacher (new teachers are always the BEST!)

 The first grade class.

Mallie riding the pedal car.

Mallie and the Pigs

The tire swing!
Planting a seed.
Kaden favorite thing at the farm (Duck Race).

 Busy milking the cow.

Kaden and the girls!

Kaden loved the duck race!  

The Hayride

Guess What --- another trip to Kackleberry on Sunday with the Church and Abby's class is going on Oct. 29th.  We should have bought season pass!

Kaden's 1st Field Trip in Preschool!

Kaden had his first field trip in preschool on Wednesday.  It was a trip to Kackleberry Farms!  The kids had a great time playing, running through the corn maze, the jumpy pillow and much more. 
James, Lane and Kaden
Kaden's school friends.

They loved jumping on the hay bales.

Enjoying the farm animals.

Kaden loved the jumpy pillow.

My cute little farmer.

Lane and Kaden enjoyed the hay ride.

Having Fun at Kackleberry Farm.