Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Easter Bunny is coming!

The Easter Bunny came to see the Sims' Kids!

Abby's card to the Easter Bunny (front).

Abby card to the Easter Bunny (middle).

Abby's card to the Easter Bunny (back).

Mallie sleeping and waiting to see what the Easter Bunny brought her.

Kaden sleeping and waiting on the Easter Bunny.

Abby sleeping and waiting on the Easter Bunny (she was the last one to go to sleep).

The Easter Bunny Came!

The girls looking through there stuff!

Catching Up! & Easter Events!

Last week and the weekend was a very busy time.  Abby class went on Field trip to Kackleberry Farms on Wednesday and Kaden and I joined them.  Abby went to Gymnastic on Thursday and while we were in Swainsboro Brian called and said Kaden was running a fever.  Friday, I was helping host Abby's Easter Party at the city park, Bren went with Mallie to her class Easter party  at Shelby's house and my parents took Kaden to see Dr. Miller.  We had a great time at the easter parties and Dr. Miller said Kaden just had a virus and we would have to wait it out. Saturday, we attend the Easter Egg Hunt at our church and went to Dublin to eat supper at Longhorns and  to do a little shopping at Home Depot.  Sunday was a great day, the children enjoyed looking at all the stuff the Easter Bunny brought, swimming, and we had a family cookout that night. 

Photo's from Kackleberry Farms

Learning about the garden at the farm.

Listening to story time

Kaden playing in the bus

Abby petting the horse

Kevin, Abby, and Anna talking to the horses

Kaden is not sure about the horse.

Kids on the Haystack Jump

Abby riding the go-cart

Kaden is getting sleepy.

Photos from class Easter Parties

Ready to hunt eggs!

Abby looking for eggs!

Abby and Lexi showing their eggs off!

Abby eating lunch at the park.

Lexi, Hampton, and Abby playing at the park.

Mallie and her friends at her Easter party.

Mallie's K-4 class

Mallie hunting for eggs.

Photos from the church Easter Egg Hunt!

Waiting to hunt easter eggs!

Kaden was not feeling good!

Trying to get Kaden to hunt for some eggs! (Not Interested)

Mallie was proud of her two tye-dyed boiled eggs!

Still looking!
Kaden was ready to go home!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs!

The girls have been begging to dye some easter eggs.  So last night after our baths that is what we did.  They had lots of fun!

Monday, April 18, 2011

It is Monday again!

It time to start another busy week.  This week we have a lot on our calendar.  Monday, Mallie has gymnastics, Tuesday, Kaden has pictures, Wednesday, Abby has a field trip, Thursday, Abby has gymnastics class and both girls have to perform on Thursday night in Swainsboro and Friday is school Easter parties.  I am tried already! 

I am ready for Gymnastics!

I am so proud of my strawberry plant I bought at Wal-mart about three weeks ago.  It has about 20 strawberry on it already. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our Weekend

Abby went home with her friend Raven on Friday after school to spend the night and go to the American Girl store on Saturday for Raven's Birthday.  They got their dolls ears pierced and hair done at the American Girl Store.  They really enjoyed shopping for there dolls and themselves.  Brian  felt sorry for Mallie because she is so lost without Abby so we took Mallie and Kaden to Chuck e Cheese on Saturday afternoon and it was so crowed (Tip: always be at Chuck e Cheese when it opens and you will have almost the whole place to  yourself )!  On Sunday, we went to the Dowdy's Annual Easter Egg Hunt!  They have the best Easter Egg hunt every year, we have been attending this event for five years now.  WOW time flies!  The kids had a blast, but Kaden did not like the Easter Bunny!