Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our long Weekend.........

The girls had a long weekend this weekend.  They did not have school on Friday or Monday.  On, Friday will enjoyed being at home and preparing for a Gymnastic meet on Saturday.  They have had a hard time with vault this season so we made a homemade vault and practiced. On Saturday, we went to the gym meet.  The girls did good.  Mallie had her best meet yet and Abby has really got to work on her nerves for meets.  Overall it was a good day both teams Level 2 and Level 3 got first place and Mallie got third place in all around in her group.   We enjoyed lunch at Logan's and we did a little birthday shopping for Kaden afterward.  On Sunday, the church had a winter blast event after church.  We took the children to the Fun Factory in Milledgeville.  It was lots of fun.  The girls enjoyed skating while Kaden enjoyed the inside playground and games.  It was a blast!  On Monday,
Kaden went to school, Abby had a play date with Lexi while Mallie and I went shopping.  It was a nice long weekend. 
 DDG ready to get started!
Warming up
 Level 2
Level 3
Mallie got 3rd all around
5 medals

 playground inside at the Fun Factory
Playing Air Hockey
Mallie skating

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Kaden Bug!

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little boy I know!
Kaden Bennett Sims
4 years old
Loves-- Thomas the Train, Lighting McQueen, and Monster Trucks
Favorite Food- chicken, corn dog, cheese puffs, chocolate chip cookies
Favorite Color-- Blue and Red
Best Friends -- Lane, Eli, Ryder, and Blake
Kaden you love to go to preschool!
Nickname -- Kaden Bug



Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun Weekend!

We had a busy week dental appointments, hair cuts and gymnastics.  The girls were so excited when Friday got here because it was Jackson's skating party.  They have never been to the skating ring so they were supper excited!  Granny Sandra gave them skates for Christmas and they were so excited to get to use them. It was so much fun even the adults skated (well I tried).
It was fun helping Jackson celebrate his 7th birthday. 


Headed to church

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The first Gymdogs meet of the Season!

The girls got season tickets to the Gymdogs for Christmas.  We enjoy going to the Gymdog meets and enjoy having girl time. 
Abby and Mallie
Emma and Mallie with some of the Dance Team
One of the activites for the kids before the meet.
During the meet!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Years Eve!

We meet some friends in Augusta for a fun day eating lunch, swimming at the Y, and last, a trip to Fruitti Tutti.  That night to bring in the new year we enjoy a little family time at home.  We built a fire and sat around and the kids enjoyed sparklers. Everyone made it to see the ball drop except Kaden he was fast asleep around 9:30.  



Christmas Day!

Christmas Morning after Santa came to see the Sims' Kids.
I love to watch my children on Christmas morning.
Santa came while the kids were sleeping.

He left some stuff outside also.
Kaden said it is to early for me!

Abby checking out her stuff.

Mallie checking out her stuff.
Kaden checking out his stuff.
 All three taking a little ride in his new Gator.
I can drive this thing.


Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve is always a busy day for us. We headed to Sandersville around 3:00 for Christmas at MiMi house left there and came back to Granny Sandra's house for Christmas. Mimi (Brian's grandmother) is 95 years old and it is always special to celebrate this time a year with her. 
This is the new puppy the kids got for Christmas.  His name is Buck. This is what Brian and I gave the kids.

The kids with Mimi.


Feeding the Reindeer.

Ready for Bed and Santa!

 Cookies and Chocolate milk for Santa and a sweet little letter from Abby.