Sims' Kids

Sims' Kids

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

K-4 End of the Year Program and End of the Year Swimming Party!!!

  The K-4 class did a great job at their program.  They had two wonderful teachers that love the Lord and you can see it in everything they do.  I am so thankful Mallie had  the chance to have Mrs. Gail Mole and Mrs. Tara Polan as her teachers.   It was the sweets program and I thought I was going to make it through the whole thing without crying until I heard the last song Come to Jesus --- their is nothing any sweeter than hearing those 14 four year olds singing that song---PRICELESS!!!

Waiting to start the program
Singing my heart out!
God Bless America
Come to Jesus
Receiving my preschool diploma
 Thanks for my scrapbook Mr. Chuck
These six children went to K-3 and K-4 together.  What a great group of boys and girls!
Showing my book to Gee and Abby (they attend my K-4 program)
Abby is ready to change clothes and go to her class swimming party also.  Gee had to go with her because I had to go with Mallie.  I do not have any pictures from Abby's party because Gee said she did not know how to use the camera.
Mallie with her sweet teachers --- "Miss" Gail and "Miss" Tart
K-4 class at the pool party
Mallie swimming with her friends
They made all the children a snow cone and the kids loved that.
I am ready for Summer Break!

Mallie's Hello Kitty Birthday Party at Granny's Pool House!

Fun times with family and friends at Mallie's 5th Birthday Party.  The kids all had a great time enjoying food, fun, sun, and lots of swimming!  Thanks for make this such a special day for Mallie!!!

Mallie's Big Day

Mallie's Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Table of Goodies!

Enjoying the pool--- Granny heated the pool for the party (it felt so good)

Abby enjoying the pool

Kaden and Bren --- He loves this women!!!

Kaden and Mallie's friend having fun swimming.

Cake time

blowing out five candles

Kaden loves cake

Present Time

Abby pouting because Mallie got a DSI 3D --- she could not understand this

Reading cards

Mallie thanking Granny

Mallie and Gee

Mallie and Papa

Mallie thanking Aunt Paula

I am FIVE!

My Hello Kittty Birthday Shirt

Mallie and Pam reading her birthday card

Gee and Big Mama chilling! (their legs look like they need to sit in the sun a little)

Mallie's Birthday

Today is Mallie's birthday and this is how she spend it!
(May 24, 2011)

Eating her birthday breakfast!

Birthday Girl in her birthday hat.

Lunch at McDonald's with my brother, sister, and mom.

We played on the playground at McDonald's.

Me with my five birthday balloons (these balloons made my day 1.00 each from the dollar tree).

Opening one last present!

Eating cake one more time.

Help from my sister with blowing out the candles!

I will post pictures soon from her big birthday party from Sunday with her friends and family!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Happy 5th Birthday Mallie Jordan Sims!
I can't believe you are five years old we love you and are so proud of you!
On May 24, 2006 you changed our lives so much!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Busy Week --- last week of school!

It has been a very busy week gymnastics, last week of school, preparing for Mallie's birthday party (which is Sunday), and much more.  We have seen a big change in the weather this week (cooler) so the kids have really enjoyed playing outside late every night.  Today was beautiful, so Kaden and I spent most of the day outside and I tried to take some pictures of my baby (because he is growing up way to fast).  Tomorrow is Friday and both girls have their end of the year swimming parties and Mallie has her end of the year program in the morning and tomorrow night we will be attending our niece's graduation.  We are so proud of Emily!

Kids playing outside and enjoying this cooler weather!

I love this little shirt!

I am getting so big!

I love to be outside!

I look just like my daddy!

Not another picture!

This is our niece Emily who is graduating from Brentwood School.  We are so proud of her~

This is our big plans for the weekend --- we have a lot to do!